Rob + Rach

Kelsie Taylor - wow! these are so beautiful and creative.

Marianne - super cool and unique. I love the color and the compositions are rockin.

Jonathan David - Love your compositions Ross!

Lyndsey Goddard - Loving these. Can almost feel that blustery wind and the sunshine!

Ross Harvey - Thanks guys!

geneoh - thats some gnarly flare, great work!

small - Really fabulous work! Such a great variety of awesome compositions.

Lisa - Gorgeous! The composition is super, perspective is so interesting, and I love the mystery of so many of these.

Jessica - So, it’s been said, but these are amazing compositions!

PJ - Light and compositions are gorgeous!

john P - Love the perspective and use of comp. Very nice indeed.

laura burlton - These are awesome! I especially love the 2nd one and the one of them running. Wonderful and really out of the box for an engagement session.

mark pacura - Love the one under the bridge, great idea. So many great compositions here.

coler - Shit. Yeah. That sun flare action you’ve got going on is ace. High-five.

ed peers - I like your creativity man… awesome frames.

Joanna Day - DANG. I love them all! Sun flare shots — amazing. 2nd shot — amazing. Great job.

allan whie - I played on that beach when I was a boy! Like your style Mr Click, nice to meet you! Thanks from Rachel’s Dad.

Derek Martinez - Such an amazing session. Gorgeous light, lovely couple, and beautifully composed.

The Difference is Night & Day

A myriad of contrasts; day and night, black and white, subtle and vibrant, soft and hard, movement and stillness, physical and etheric.

Hover over each image for its title. Bonus track at the end ;)

Infra Red
Information Superhighway
Event Horizon

Sachin - Loving the new site and this series Ross!

Ross Harvey - Thanks bro!

Andy Gaines - Awesome stuff mate – loving all this none wedding work – inspiring stuff, just need to try find a few more hours in the day to do more myself – keep it up!

Ross Harvey - Thanks mate! Lot’s planned to do :)

Best Wedding Photographer 2013 / National Finals

Happy days indeed. Read why the Wedding Industry Awards are so incredible, right here. I took the OMD with the 17/1.8 mounted (34mm).

The day started in Norwich, and ended in London. It’s predominantly street photography, as after winning the award I was on cloud nine chatting to amazing person after amazing person – it was party time! Massive thank you to all the couples who gave much such incredible scores, and to the judges for their votes of confidence.

Today I also found myself wanting the Leica M. Hmmmm.

Hover over each picture for a descriptive name/caption, although I encourage you to look deeper – every photo has a meaning/twist.

Culture Clash
Glasses: Free Second Pair

Unexpected Artefacts

Partners in Crime
Ghost in the Machine

Three Way Surveillance

Talking Heads
Circles on Squares
Look Up
Modes of Transport
Wave/particle Duality
Decades of Service
Tonal Texture
City Sunset
Twin Suns
Alpha Male

A Colourful Conversation

Steve Fuller - Nice stuff Ross, yet another camera to add to the list!

Albert Palmer - Haha – waiter and the legs wins it for me!

tomK - Too hard to pic a favorite image. Nice payoff at the end. What a day! You are an awesome wedding photographer.

Ross Harvey - Thanks buddy!

brett maxwell - fantastic set! was this just one or two days of photos? if so, I’m extra blown away

Ross Harvey - Thanks Brett! Just one day.

Brian Kraft - Incredible, Ross!

Sam - Ross, gotta say buddy, this is more than well deserved!! Massive congratulations. And that barman has a fit set of pins!!!

Ross Harvey - Cheers Sam! Haha, bit scary isn’t it :) Thanks Brian!

Jason Millman - Well done Ross!
I’m not surprised you won, your work is top grade.

Jon Mulkeen - And this is why you’re the wedding photographer of the year! Great set of pics.

Ross Harvey - Thanks guys!

Shari - Brilliant. I love how you see the world, Ross. I could look at these for hours.

Az - Amazing set Ross!

A great photographer has eyes all round his head, and you are one of them.

Big congrats again on winning the award, your wedding photography is stunning and inspirational to the rest of us based in the UK.

Ross Harvey - Thanks Shari & Az, much appreciated!

Damo - Well done Ross, waiter with the legs is great, also the sort of disguised reflection in the shop window where I presume you and the missus is walking by, love the depth in that one.

Matt Long - These really are outstanding Ross, I can’t believe you shot them all in just one incredible day. Again, huge congrats on the award.

David Burke - Lovely work Ross, yes Barman and the legs is a cracker. Reminds me I need to get off the computer, get the camera out and have another trip up to London for a day of shooting.

Steven Carter Hewson - Great series. I LOVE that shot of the barman with the ladies legs reflected. That, my friend, is a spot of pure genius.